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Since 1986, the Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) has been providing Ontario elementary students with milk daily so that they stay healthy, alert, and ready to learn.

Manage your lunch and milk programs in one place

The Elementary School Milk Program is available exclusively through Lunchbox and its network of 4,000+ schools.

*Only available in Ontario*

KEV Group is the exclusive provider for The Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) which is an integral component of the Lunchbox ordering platform.

Now, parents/guardians have a convenient way to add a serving of milk and 15 essential nutrients to their child’s day to help them stay healthy and energetic, and meet their bone-building needs.

How it works:

  • Milk is available for order Monday to Friday
  • Parents place orders and pay for milk and lunches on Lunchbox.
  • Lunchbox sends the weekly milk order to your milk vendor.
  • The vendor delivers the milk to the school one week before the scheduled hand-out week.
  • Lunchbox sends weekly delivery reports Monday morning to the school contact(s) and milk coordinator. The delivery reports are organized by delivery day and classroom for easy distribution to students.
  • Milk is given to students daily.  If a student is absent, it will be provided to them the next school day.
  • Lunchbox pays the vendor weekly on behalf of the school.